Personal information
Surname(s) / First name(s) Dario Bertini
Telephone(s) +1 415 490 7562
Nationality(-ies) Italian
Gender Male
Work experience
February 2014 - ... Audiencerate - Software developer/devops
I managed the provisioning of the system, which has a load of about 100 req/s. Wrote some simple inte-
gration/acceptance tests, Added monitoring into the system, rewrote the code dealing with the database
and tested all the software before each production deployment. (Technologies used: Ansible, Vagrant,
Selenium, Clojure, Python)
Education and training
Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering
Subjects covered Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Thermodynamics, Electronics, C++ and Java programming
courses, Databases, Computer networks, Internet protocols, Operating systems, Industrial automa-
tion, Theoretical computer science, Network security, Languages and compilers, Information theory,
Project Management, Transmission theory, Telecommunication networks, Computer graphic, Artificial
Intelligence, Information Retrieval, Stochastic Models, Model identification and data analysis.
Thesis Work: Adaptation of a georeferentiation search application for a client-server architecture
Name of organisation providing
education and training
Università degli Studi di Bergamo
Erasmus study period in Computer Science at University of Southern Denmark
Subjects: String Algorithms, Programming Languages, Cloud Computing, Advanced Data Structures,
Online Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization
Personal skills and
Programming Languages
Python: quite proficient, I used it for scripting, heavy computation, web development, dealing with
binary formats, wrapping native libraries with ctypes, sketching out some proof of concept gui,
I also looked at the internal details of some Python implementations and realized a rewrite of
virtualenvwrapper: a tool for managing developer environments
Clojure: I use it since slightly less than 2 years, I’m comfortable with the language and the sur-
rounding tooling.
Java: Between university projects and the last job I’ve had the opportunity to deal with legacy
Java codebases (no tests, huge amounts of code duplication and accidental complexity), so I
won’t shy away from them.
C: I can read and work on most projects that make use of it but I never directly used it for huge
Ruby: When I stumbled upon some missing features, I tried to contribute them upstream (e.g.http:
// )
Vala, Haskell, F#, Javascript, Scala: All of these last languages have been used for personal
interest and for solving university assignments with a different language than usual, I can make
use of external libraries and can understand most of the semantic of those languages, I’m able
to test snippets in their respective repl), I’m also willing to learn quickly any new language that it
might arise the need for.
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Dario Bertini
Software Tools and Libraries DVCS (Bazaar, Mercurial, Git, Darcs), Continuous Integration (Jenkins), Package/Dependencies Man-
ager/Build Systems (pip/setuptools, redo, Maven), Bug Trackers, I18n and L10n toolchain, IDEs/Editors
(Emacs, Eclipse, Monodevelop), DB/Data Stores (Postgresql, Mongodb, Redis), OpenGL, Hadoop, Doc-
umentation (Sphinx, Markdown), Configuration Management and Deployment (Ansible), Emscripten,
Powershell, Lucene, JNI, Jython
Other Computer competences I use Linux as my main OS daily since 2005 (I also have experience with Windows and MacOSX)
For further details I have some repositories online at:
Mother tongue(s) Italian
European level
Understanding Speaking
Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
C1 Proficient user C2 Proficient user C1 Proficient user C1 Proficient user C1 Proficient user
A1 Basic user A2 Basic user A1 Basic user A2 Basic user A1 Basic user
Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) level
Social skills and competences I am an active member of the Bergamo Linux User Group ( and I helped start another local
programming tech group: Codelovers (
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Dario Bertini